Watch Unblock US Netflix on Smart TV in Canada using Smart DNS Proxies or VPN

If you’re looking for a way to stream Netflix directly to your TV without the need for additional hardware, then Smart TVs are the answer. Keep in mind that not all Netflix regions provide the same amount of movies or TV shows. The US Netflix region has almost three times more titles when compared to Netflix Canada. To change your Netflix region, you’ll need either Smart DNS proxies or VPN. I’ll compare the two methods and show you their benefits in this help guide.

Unblock and Watch American Netflix on Smart TV in Canada using VPN or Smart DNS proxies

Unblock and Watch American Netflix on Smart TV in Canada using VPN or Smart DNS proxies

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Watch US Netflix on Smart TV using VPN

Alternatively, you can use VPN services to unlock US Netflix on your Smart TV. However, Smart TVs cannot directly connect to a VPN (Virtual Private Network). As a result, you have to enable VPN connection sharing. This can be achieved by setting up VPN on a VPN compatible router. VPN does have advantages you should be aware of.

  • VPN encrypts your traffic. Thereby, you’ll be protected from hackers and other malicious online threats.
  • All your traffic will appear to be originating from USA if you choose a US VPN server. Hence, you’ll be granted access to all content that’s exclusively available on Smart TV in USA.
  • While Smart DNS falls short when it comes to DNS hijacking and Transparent Proxies, VPN is fully capable of working properly in case your ISP uses the above mentioned policies.
  • Most Smart TVs do track your activity. They do mention this in their T&Cs. VPN enables you to go online anonymously. Thus, Smart TVs will be effectively prevented from tracking you.
  • Low quality VPN services will affect your Internet speed negatively. Make sure you choose a decent VPN service that has minimal effect on Internet speed.

If you are on the lookout for a good VPN s, I have been using ExpressVPN for a while now. I’ve yet to notice any speed issues with my Internet connection which is always a great sign.

You can use any of the three VPNs to unblock American Netflix on your Smart TV.


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Unblock American Netflix on Smart TV using Smart DNS proxies

Netflix actually uses your IP address to find your location and chooses your Netflix version accordingly. Smart DNS allows you to choose whichever Netflix region you wish, including American Netflix. After you sign up for a DNS service, you’ll be provided with a DNS code. Navigate to the Network Settings on your Smart TV. Then, enter the DNS code you’ve obtained there. US Netflix should now be available on your Smart TV. A summary of other Smart DNS benefits can be found below.

  • When using Smart DNS proxies, your Internet speed does not slow down. The fact Smart DNS only partly rechannels your connection makes this possible.
  • Given you choose a decent Smart DNS service, you’ll be able to switch between different Netflix regions whenever you wish to do so.
  • Smart DNS works on nearly all Smart TVs including LG Smart TV, Panasonic Smart Viera, Samsung TVs with Smart Hub, Toshiba Cloud TV, Sony TVs with Sony Entertainment Network (SEN), and Philips Smart TV. Take a look at these videos and instructions about Smart TV setup.
  • Smart DNS also enables you to unblock multi-regional channels on your Smart TV at once. You could watch American Netflix, CBC Canada, and UK’s Now TV. All without changing your initial Smart DNS setup.
  • In case your ISP does apply DNS hijacking or Transparent Proxies, Smart DNS won’t be of any use on your Smart TV.

If you’re looking for a Smart DNS service to test, you can start off by signing up for a free 7-day trial at Unlocator. Their 120 unblocked channels have made a great addition to my Smart TV and other streaming devices.

Best Smart TVs for Netflix Streaming

I’ve summed up some of the best Smart TVs which are Netflix-ready in the list below.

  • Samsung Smart TV: ES7100, ES7500, ES8000, ES9000, HL-T5689S, UN46F8000, UN55F8000, UN65HU9000, UN40EH6000.
  • Panasonic Viera: TC-P55ST60, TC-P60ST60, TC-P65ST60, TC-P50ST60, TC-39AS530U, DT50, WT50.
  • Sharp: LC-60UQ17U.
  • Toshiba: 50L7300U, 42L6200U.
  • Sony: XBR-65X900B, KDL-40EX640, HX750, EX640, HX850 and HX950.
  • VIZIO: M420KD, M421VT.
  • LG: 42LS5700, 42PM4700. LM8600, LM9600.
  • Philips: 40PFL4707.

Best American Channels/Apps on Smart TV

This list includes the best US streaming apps you can unblock on your Smart TV. Keep in mind that content changes from one Smart TV manufacturer to another.

  • Netflix
  • Hulu Plus
  • Amazon Instant Video
  • WWE Network
  • NBC Sports
  • HBO Go
  • UFC.TV
  • M-GO
  • Crunchyroll
  • Pandora

How to unblock US Netflix on Smart TV – Wrap Up

Smart TVs do provide a convenient way to stream Netflix. But only viewers with access to US Netflix get to fully appreciate them. Smart DNS proxies, as well as VPN, provide an appropriate solution to unblock all sorts of geoblocked apps on Smart TVs. Which method you choose to do that is all up to you.



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