Watch BeIN Sports in Canada How to Unblock via VPN DNS Proxy

BeIN Sports is based in the Middle East and allows the local residents of the area to stream matches of several different sports including Soccer, Football, Basketball, Athletics, and Rugby. They own the rights to several soccer leagues including La Liga and French League. If you live in Canada you will not be able to watch content on BeIN Sports directly, because BeIN Sports is geoblocked outside the Middle East and Northern Africa. To be able to stream content on BeIN Sports you need to bypass the geographical restrictions set. Now to do this you will need to use either VPN or Smart DNS Proxy. Both methods work fine and will give you allow you to unblock BeIN Sports in Canada can be viewed on many streaming devices including PC, Mac, Android, iPad, and iPhone.

How to Unblock and Watch BeIN Sports in Canada with VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

How to Unblock and Watch BeIN Sports in Canada with VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

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Watch BeIN Sports in Canada using VPN

To be able to bypass the geographical restrictions the first method you have at hand is VPN. Virtual Private Network enables you to hide your real IP address and get a new IP address from almost anywhere in the world. When you allow your VPN to change your IP address, your virtual location changes and you appear to be from another country of your choice.

  • The new IP address you get depends on the location of the VPN server you connect to. Connecting to a VPN server in the Middle East allows you to unblock BeIN Sports in Canada.
  • By using VPN, you will get extra security and privacy while browsing or streaming the Internet. All your traffic is encrypted.
  • VPN applications are available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. These applications allow you to setup a VPN connection in minutes.

ExpressVPN is a reliable VPN provider you can use to unblock BeIN Sports in Canada with several VPN servers available across the MENA region. Other than ExpressVPN, there are many other VPN providers you can use to watch Arabic BeIN Sports in Canada. 


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How to Unblock BeIN Sports in Canada using Smart DNS Proxy

Now the second method to access regionally blocked content is Smart DNS Proxy which is different than VPN. Smart DNS Proxy only redirects geo-related traffic instead of completely rechanneling all your Internet connection.

  • No software installation is needed when setting up Smart DNS.
  • Your Internet speed and IP address remain unchanged.
  • PC, Mac, Android, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, iPad, and iPhone are all compatible with Smart DNS.
  • Some Internet service providers use transparent proxies or DNS hijacking. Such methods can block Smart DNS from working as it should.

If you’re looking for a Smart DNS proxy service to watch BeIN Sports in Canada, try out Unlocator. A free 7 day trial means that you can test their service without the need for credit card info. Unlocator providers users with videos and guides on how to setup the service on your computer.

BeIN Sports Compatible Devices

These are the devices on which BeIN Sports works on.

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS Devices

Unblock BeIN Sports in Canada – VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

Now this is the last step and also the most vital one, where you need to decide whether to use VPN or Smart DNS Proxy to watch Arabic BeIN Sports in Canada. Take into consideration all the pros and cons of each service and its providers and see what suits your needs the most.

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