How to Watch DR TV in Canada with Proxies or VPN

How to watch DR TV outside in Canada? Danish expats living in Canada or elsewhere abroad cannot access Danish streaming channels due to geo-restrictions. This article seeks to solve this problem, by putting forth the two methods and clearly defining each so that you can be able to stream DR TV in Canada. Learn how to use VPN or Smart DNS proxies and unblock DR TV on PC, Mac, Chromecast, Android, iPhone, iPad, PS4, or Apple TV.

How to Watch DR TV in Canada with Proxies or VPN

How to Watch DR TV in Canada with Proxies or VPN

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How to Unblock DR TV in Canada via VPN

You might have probably heard about VPN being used at a certain workplace, where the organization sets it up to ensure the information shared through online communication remains within their network. In the same way, a Virtual Private Network is able to secure your Internet traffic, such that its only you who will be able to view your online activity. This is made possible after hiding your IP address. Here’s a list of other things you could expect with VPN.

  • Your browsing activity remains anonymous. This is a good thing since no spammers or hackers will be able to access any of your private information.
  • Any ISP policies such as transparent proxies or DNS hijacking won’t have any effect on you or your browsing activities as a VPN user.
  • You can use VPN to unblock Danish streaming channels anywhere abroad. Watch DR TV, Viaplay, DPlay, TV3, and many more outside Denmark.
  • Once you unlock one channel in a specific region, all the other geo-blocked channels in that region get unblocked as well.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN service you can use to watch DR TV in Canada. Other VPN providers you can use to bypass regional restrictions are listed below.


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Watch DR TV in Canada with Smart DNS Proxy

Smart DNS is another method you could apply to stream DR TV in Canada or wherever else you might be. The working behind Smart DNS is simple as well since only the part of your URL that reveals your location is re-directed elsewhere, such that site or channel you’re visiting doesn’t “know” where you’re accessing it from.

  • Smart DNS allows you to continue accessing your local channels as you enjoy your new formerly geo-restrictive channels. This is because your IP address doesn’t change.
  • You do not need to install any additional software to setup Smart DNS. All your streaming devices are compatible.
  • Your Internet traffic is not encrypted when you use Smart DNS.
  • DNS hijacking and transparent proxies can render Smart DNS useless.

If Smart DNS sounds like your pick, head over to Unlocator. Sign up for a free 7-day trial and unblock all major Danish channels in Canada. This includes Viaplay, TV3, TV2 Play, HBO Nordic, and DR TV. You can setup Smart DNS on your device by following these tutorials.

Smart DNS or VPN to Get DR TV outside Denmark?

Smart DNS and VPN are two solutions that achieve the same result, albeit in two different manners. Whether you use ExpressVPN or Unlocator to watch DR TV in Canada is for you to decide since everybody has different preferences.

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