Unotelly You Seem to be Using an Unblock Netflix Proxy Fix

Unotelly basically are a Smart DNS proxy service. By setting up Unotelly DNS server addresses on your streaming device, or router, you can bypass geographic restrictions and watch geoblocked content in Canada. Channels like Hulu, HBO Go, BBC iPlayer, American Netflix, and ABC Go can all be unblocked. All was working well until Netflix decided to put an end to these geo-bypassing tactics, presumably under pressure from the movie industry. Hence, what is now know as the ‘Netflix proxy error’ was born. When you try to watch American Netflix in Canada, using either Smart DNS or VPN, you get pressented by an error message that basically states “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these.”

In this guide, you can find info and instructions on how to use two of the most reliable methods to unblock American Netflix abroad and evading Netflix’s proxy error detection mechanism: ExpressVPN and Unlocator Smart DNS.

Unotelly You Seem to be Using an Unblock Netflix Proxy Fix

Unotelly You Seem to be Using an Unblock Netflix Proxy Fix

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

How to Fix Unotelly Netflix Proxy Error in Canada with VPN

In all honesty, nobody would blame you for wanting to change your Netflix region to USA. After all, Netflix Canada falters in comparison. Better content, both in terms of quantity and quality, means that Canadian will always search for ways to unblock American Netflix. Netflix has taken it on themselves to make things as hard as possible. Most VPN and Smart DNS proxy services are having constant issues trying to unblock US Netflix abroad. That is because Netflix are constantly changing their tactics, making it more difficult to evade them.

However, through all this 2016 mess, one VPN provider which stood out for me, and still does, is ExpressVPN. Their top-notch service has allowed me to get my daily dose of American Netflix for the past few month without major issues. A 30-day money back guarantee means that I can always get my money back if things go down hill. Hopefully it does not get to that though.

Unotelly Netflix Proxy Error on American Region – How to Fix Bypass with Smart DNS

I constantly try different Smart DNS proxy service in order to get a better understanding of how each one works and which one does work better. Having tried a fair bunch of them, the one which impressed me the most was Unlocator. Here’s the thing. Just like every other Smart DNS proxy service, they had issues with the Netflix proxy error. However, never tried to hide it. They have been very open about it. What’s more important is that whenever such issues arise, they quickly find a workaround.

Keeping your users informed is the best tactic there is. Whether the service is working or not, its the user’s right to know. And that is where Unlocator excel in comparison. They’re support is very responsive as well. If you wish to give them a try, you can sign up for a 7-day trial to test their services. Other than US Netflix, you can unblock the likes of BBC iPlayer, Hulu, ABC GO, HBO GO, and all other major streaming channels.

You Seem to Be Using an Unblocker or Proxy – Do Not Panic

The great thing about the Internet is that there always alternative methods you can try to get the outcome you want. That’s certainly the case with VPN and Smart DNS proxy services. For me, ExpressVPN and Unlocator stand out, not only because their services work, but more importantly because of the way they treat their users. What methods are you using to bypass geographic restrictions and are they working for you. I’d love to hear your take on the whole matter in the comment section below.

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