How to Watch Xfinity TV Go in Canada?

Perhaps Xfinity TV Go can best be described as one of the major streaming stations that is causing a ripple throughout the American video-streaming scene. With access to all the major US TV productions as well as the streaming rights, even American expatriates living in Canada would relish at the opportunity to figure out how to unblock Xfinity TV Go in Canada. You see, it would need to be unblocked because Xfinity TV Go belongs to the category of channels that are known to be geo-restrictive. This means accessing them outside their country of origin would bring up an error message that confirms that your area is not supported. To watch Xfinity TV Go in Canada, you should use either Smart DNS or VPN.

How to Watch Xfinity TV Go in Canada

How to Watch Xfinity TV Go in Canada

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How to Stream Xfinity TV Go in Canada via VPN

One way of gaining access to any of your favorite geo-blocked channels involves changing your IP address by connecting to a VPN server. A Virtual Private Network allows you to change your IP address to a American one. Thus, sites like Xfinity TV GO become accessible. They basically will ‘think’ of you as a user who is USA. Here’s a few more details you should know about VPN.

  • With VPN, all your Internet traffic remains encrypted. This guarantees your privacy as a user. Not even your ISP will be able to figure out what you’re doing online.
  • VPN also slightly slows down your Internet speed.
  • ISP policies like DNS hijacking or Transparent proxies don’t affect VPN in any way.
  • Once you connect to an American server, you can choose to unblock Xfinity Go TV alongside other popular geo-blocked channels from America like Netflix, Hulu Plus or CBS News.

Always be aware that you cannot unblock Xfinity TV Go using just any VPN provider. The many free ones available online are not worth trying out since they rarely deliver on their promises. I’d suggest ExpressVPN, given that they’re tried and tested. You can also have a look at the following list for more options to choose from.


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Unblock Xfinity TV Go in Canada using Smart DNS

If you have a wide array of devices that you’d like to stream Xfinity Tv Go on, the best route for you would be Smart DNS. This is because Smart DNS doesn’t need any additional software to get configured. Here’s a couple more things you ought to know about Smart DNS.

  • Using Smart DNS does not compromise your Internet speed.
  • ISP policies like DNS tracking and Transparent proxies can have an negative effect on a Smart DNS user.
  • None of your traffic is encrypted. This means logs of your browsing history can be made.
  • Smart DNS doesn’t change your IP address, and as a result, you still maintain access to your local channels.
  • Smart DNS is compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Smart TV, Roku, Fire TV Stick, and Chromecast.

My recommendation for a good Smart DNS provider would be Unlocator, mainly because they allow you to test their service through a trial account before signing up. Always look for such opportunities when searching for a credible service provider.

How to Unblock Xfinity TV in Canada

It can be somehow challenging to pick between using either Smart DNS or VPN since both methods allow you to watch Xfinity TV Go in Canada or anywhere else in the world. The key lies in comparing the advantages & disadvantages of one method, with those of the other. This way, you can choose the method which pros and cons you’re most comfortable with.


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