Unblock NBC Sports Live Extra in Canada How to Watch

NBC Sports Live Extra is a live sports streaming channel that broadcast the NHL, NFL, NASCAR, MLS, F1, among others. NBC Sports is geo-restricted outside USA. That means that as an American expat living or visiting Canada, you will not be able to watch live feeds on NBC Sports. Luckily, there are two workarounds that allow you to unblock and watch NBC Sports Live Extra in Canada. Using VPN or Smart DNS proxy, you can bypass geographic restrictions and watch NBC Sports Live Extra on Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV in Canada.

Unblock and Watch NBC Sports Live Extra in Canada via VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

Unblock and Watch NBC Sports Live Extra in Canada via VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

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VPN or Smart DNS.

Watch NBC Sports Live Extra in Canada via VPN

In Canada, you will be able to log into your NBS Sports account. However, if you try to watch any live game or replay, you get the following error “This content is currently unavailable.” In the background, NBC Sports has already perform an IP address check and determined that you are using a Canadian IP address. To trick NBC Sports to believe you are in the USA, you need an American IP address. By using VPN, you can get a US IP address and unblock NBC Sports Live Extra in Canada.

  • Getting an American IP address unblock all US streaming channels. Watch ESPN, NBC Sports, ABC, Hulu, HBO GO, US Netflix in Canada.
  • Setting up VPN on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC, is straightforward thanks to VPN apps which can be downloaded and installed on your streaming device.
  • As long as you are using the VPN connection, all your connection is encrypted and secured.
  • Given that all your traffic is being rechanneled through a VPN server in Canada, you might experience a slight drop in your Internet speed.

ExpressVPN have numerous VPN servers in USA. If you experience slow streaming speeds via one VPN servers while watching NBC Sports in Canada, simply switch to another.


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Unblock NBC Sports Live Extra in Canada with Smart DNS Proxy

The one aspect you might consider before using VPN to unblock NBC Sports outside USA. VPN can only be directly configured on Android, iPad, iPhone, PC, and Mac. To get NBC Sports on other streaming devices, you have to setup VPN on a compatible router. Smart DNS, on the other hand, can be setup on most streaming devices.

  • If you want to unblock NBC Sports on your Apple TV, Roku, Kindle Fire, or Roku, use Smart DNS instead of VPN.
  • Smart DNS only takes care of the geo-related bits of your connection. As a result, your Internet speed practically stays the same.
  • With Smart DNS, it is possible to unblock streaming channels from different countries simultaneously i.e. watch Sky GO and NBC Sports Live Extra in Canada at the same time.
  • Smart DNS can be configured directly on your streaming device with no need to download additional software.

Unlocator is a Smart DNS proxy service that supports unblocking NBC Sports Live Extra outside USA. Unlocator offer a free no-strings-attached 7-day trial. They also have setup guides for all the streaming devices and routers they support.

NBC Sports Compatible Devices

  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • PC/Mac
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Roku

How to Unblock and Watch NBC Sports Live Extra in Canada with VPN or Smart DNS Proxy?

So, no need to worry about missing any sports actions NBCSN. Thanks to VPN or Smart DNS proxy, you can watch all live games and replays on NBC Sports in Canada.

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