Change Canadian Prime Video Region to US

How to switch Prime Video Canada to US region? Everybody knows that the American audience gets the most premium online content first. To get at par with their American counterparts, Canadian fans of shows like Grand Tour, Transparent, and The Man in the High Castle have to change their Amazon Prime Video region to USA. Bypassing geographic restrictions involves hiding your current online location settings through either Smart DNS proxies or VPN. Read the following guide for more info on how to unblock American Prime Video in Canada.

Change Canadian Amazon Prime Video Region to USA

Change Canadian Amazon Prime Video Region to USA

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Unblock American Prime Video in Canada via VPN

You can use our existing Canadian Prime Video account along with VPN to watch American Amazon Instant Video. A virtual private network mainly allows you change your IP Address to an American IP. This tricks Amazon to think you currently reside in USA instead of Canada.

  1. Go to ExpressVPN and create your account.
  2. Download and install their VPN app on your Mac, Android, PC or iOS device.
  3. Launch the VPN app and connect to an American VPN server.
  4. Start streaming US Amazon Instant Video.

As far as I know, ExpressVPN tops the list of the best VPN service providers you could subscribe to to unblock geo-blocked streaming channels from Canada, Australia, USA or even the UK. Here’s a list of other VPN providers you can also use to change your Prime Video region to US.


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Switch to US Prime Video Region in Canada with Smart DNS

Using Smart DNS achieves the same result that VPN does, but in a slightly different manner. By hiding the part of your URL that reveals where you’re surfing from, Amazon is ‘tricked’ into thinking that you currently reside in the USA, and that’s really all it takes for Smart DNS to unblock American Amazon Instant Video for you. Here’s how to setup Smart DNS to change your Prime Video region to USA:

  1. Sign up for Unlocator’s free 7 day trial.
  2. Smart DNS works on all your streaming devices. Whether that is a Mac, PS4, PS3, Xbox, Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, iOS, Roku, Android or PC.
  3. Head over to the American Amazon Prime site.
  4. Sign in through your local Prime Video account.
  5. Stream American Amazon Prime Video in Canada.

Not all Smart DNS proxy services providers support unblocking US Amazon Prime. Unlocator, however, does. Apart from American Amazon Instant Video, you can also change your Prime Video region to UK and Germany.

Why You Should Change Prime Video Region to USA

  • More Movies: American Amazon Prime has more movies to choose from.
  • Cheaper Subscription: Your local Prime Video subscription is way cheaper than subscribing to the American Amazon Instant Video service.
  • Larger list of supported devices: Android, PC, Mac, Xbox, Chromecast, Fire TV, PS4, Roku and Fire TV all support streaming Amazon Prime Videos.
  • More TV shows: You get to watch more American and UK TV content.

Final thoughts on Unblocking American Prime Video in Canada

With Prime Video costing you only 2.99$ a month (first 6 months), you have one of the most affordable streaming services in the market. Combine that with VPN or Smart DNS and you have one of the best entertainment packages available. In the end, either solution will allow you to change Amazon Prime Video region to USA.

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