How to Unblock and Watch Star Sports in Canada with VPN or Smart DNS

If you are looking to watch sports content right off your computer or smartphone, you have probably looked into Star Sports. With Star Sports being the best streaming channel for watching live sports content on television, it has definitely shocked its online audience. Star Sports offers many sports to stream including Bundesliga, F1, Kabaddi, Badminton, Athletics, and Cricket with a wide range of domestic and international events being displayed on a string of Star Sports channels – all available for streaming. Furthermore, if you live in Canada or other countries other than India including the US, Germany, Denmark, France, or UK – you will not have access to content on Star Sports directly. For this problem, you have the capability to bypass the geographical restrictions easily by two methods. Also since Star Sports is so popular it has expanded itself to many devices including your Android, Nokia Phone, iPhone, PC, and Mac.

How to Unblock and Watch Star Sports in Canada with VPN

How to Unblock and Watch Star Sports in Canada with VPN

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How to Watch Star Sports in Canada using VPN

The first method you have at hand for bypassing the geographical restrictions by Star Sports is simply by using VPN. VPN will drastically make your life easier with its numerous amount of functions. VPN will simply change your device’s IP address to one that the servers at Star Sports will believe to be of Indian origin. After this happens, they will immediately start sending you live content of their channels. VPN’s can also help you when you want to stream content on other sites including Shomi, BBC iView, Showtime, and HBO Go.

  • Sign up for a quality VPN, one that works best with you and function well with your requirements.
  • A good VPN will give you peace of mind, your connection speed will decrease slightly for using VPN. If your VPN is of good quality the decrease in connectivity will be minute.
  • VPN’s work on many devices including your Mac, iPhone, Android, PC, and iPhone – you will need to install the drivers on every device you want to stream on.
  • VPN will also give you additional security and privacy to your connection to make you more secure on the information highway.

ExpressVPN is a VPN provider which allows you to watch Star Sports in Canada. Other than ExpressVPN there are many alternatives which should all be capable of performing this task for you.


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Unblock Star Sports in Canada using Smart DNS Proxy

So Smart DNS Proxy is the second weapon in your toolbelt and it surely proves itself to be a strong competitor towards VPN. Smart DNS Proxy only needs to redirect the traffic coming to your device making sure that the servers are tricked into thinking that your device in its area of service, that’s all. Smart DNS Proxy will require you to do some manual labour when setting up the service and you will need to be a bit handy.

  • The upside to using Smart DNS Proxy is the fact that you can bypass geographical restrictions on numerous sites without having to modify your devices configuration.
  • Another upside is that your internet speed will not decrease drastically like it will with VPN.
  • When using Smart DNS Proxy, your ISP can hijack and use transparent proxies to break your proxy and not allow you to use this service, meaning that you cannot unblock content.
  • Smart DNS Proxies can be programmed on many different devices including your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Smart TV.

Unlocator is a Smart DNS service available which you can use to unblock Star Sports in Canada. It is attached to a one week trial in which you can return the service any time you’d like and also comes packed with setup guides and tutorials on how to get the service working for you.

Compatible Devices with Star Sports

These are the devices on which Star Sports can be viewed.

  • PC and Mac
  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod
  • Android
  • Windows Phone

How to Unblock and Watch Star Sports in Canada, VPN or Smart DNS Proxy?

Here you stand, at the final crossroads keen to make the final decision. You need to take into consideration all the pros and cons of both service including the fact that VPN slows down a bit and Smart DNS Proxy is harder to setup. When you get all your facts straight, choosing a service will be a piece of cake. Although keep in mind that it doesn’t really matter which you choose, both services will work.


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