How to Watch CBC outside Canada with VPN or Smart DNS

Can I watch CBC abroad? Are you a Canadian expat living or working in USA, UK, Mexico, France, or Australia? If yes, then you have probably already found out that CBC is geoblocked outside Canada. This content is currently unavailable.” That is the geo-error you get whenever you try to watch a live or on-demand video on CBC outside Canada. To bypass this error, you have one of two choices. Either use Smart DNS or VPN to unblock and watch CBC abroad on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android.

How to Watch CBC outside Canada with VPN or Smart DNS

How to Watch CBC outside Canada with VPN or Smart DNS

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How to Unblock CBC outside Canada – VPN Solution

Basically, there are two solutions you can use to bypass regional restrictions. The first one is using a virtual private network, aka VPN. VPN’s main function is to encrypt your traffic and provide you with an extra layer of privacy while you are browsing the Internet. You can also use VPN to hide your real IP address, tricking geo-restricted channels like CBC to think you are located in a country where they are actually available.

  • If you are a Canadian expat, you can use VPN to unblock CBC, Shomi, as well as CraveTV outside Canada.
  • Setting up VPN should not be that much of a hassle thanks to dedicated VPN apps which you can install on your PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, or iPad.
  • Connect to a VPN server located in a Canadian city and your streaming device will virtually appear to be located in Canada.
  • You can also watch geoblocked channels from other countries including USA, UK, Australia, and France.

ExpressVPN have numerous Canadian VPN locations you can choose from, making them one of the top VPN providers when it comes to unblocking Canadian channels including CBC.


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Watch CBC outside Canada using Smart DNS Proxy Solution

Of course, VPN is not the only way around geographic restrictions. Smart DNS proxies are also able to make CBC believe you are in Canada while traveling abroad. While Smart DNS does not encrypt your traffic like VPN, your Internet speed practically remains the same. So does your IP address.

  • You can setup Smart DNS on your Apple TV, PC, Mac, Amazon Fire TV, Android, iOS, Xbox, PS3, PS4, or directly on your router instead.
  • Smart DNS takes care of all the geo-related URLs that geo-restricted channels like CBC use to determine your location.
  • This process means that Smart DNS can unblock channels from multiple regions simultaneously i.e. you get to watch American Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and CBC all at the same time using one Smart DNS setup.
  • Smart DNS is totally safe to use as long as you sign up with a well known Smart DNS proxy service that has a clear ToS and privacy policy.

I highly recommend using Unlocator to unblock CBC outside Canada. They are one of the few Smart DNS proxy services that allow you to try out their service for free without a need for a credit card. If you have never configured Smart DNS before, take a look at these videos and setup guides.

VPN or Smart DNS to Watch CBC outside Canada?

Given there are two solutions to unblock CBC abroad, you might find yourself wondering which one to use. I’ve tested both VPN and Smart DNS and can confirm either one of them will enable you to watch CBC outside Canada.


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