Watch Unblock American Netflix on Chromecast in Canada using VPN or DNS Proxies

Chromecast has become one of the best methods to stream Netflix directly to your TV. However, not all Netflix versions provide the same amount of movies and TV shows. The American Netflix version is undoubtedly better than all others including Canadian Netflix. So the question is: How can I change my Netflix region? Two methods can unblock US Netflix on Chromecast in Canada or anywhere else: Smart DNS proxies and VPN. Find out more about both solutions in this article.

Unblock and watch American Netflix on Chromecast in Canada using VPN or Smart DNS proxies

Unblock and watch American Netflix on Chromecast in Canada using VPN or Smart DNS proxies

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Watch US Netflix on Chromecast in Canada using Smart DNS proxies

Smart DNS proxies allow you to alter your geolocation by redirecting certain parts of your connection. Therefore, you will be granted access to geoblocked content such as US Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video. Smart DNS proxies have other benefits.

Keep in mind that in case your ISP does use Transparent Proxies or DNS hijacking, Smart DNS will become useless.

I spent a lot of time testing different Smart DNS services, and what I noticed is that the amount of channels each Smart DNS service offers varies greatly. Unlocator, for example, offer DNS codes that unlock around 120 streaming channels. They also have a one-week free trial period you can check out in addition to videos and tutorials on how to use DNS codes on Chromecast.

Unblock American Netflix on Chromecast in Canada using VPN

Alternatively, you can use VPN to unlock US Netflix on your Chromecast. VPN, short for virtual private network, channels all your Internet connection via a server in a different country. An American VPN server, for instance, will allow you to watch any Internet TV service that’s only available in the USA. Take a look at VPN’s advantages.

  • VPN will work on your Chromecast even if your ISP deploys DNS hijacking and Transparent Proxies.
  • VPN changes and hides your IP address and therefore provides you with online anonymity.
  • VPN also encrypts all your online data, something extremely important if you’re using a public WiFi Hotspot.
  • Using VPN only requires basic Internet knowledge. Create an account, carry out some instructions, and that’s it.

The absence of a VPN client on Chromecast means that you need to set up VPN on your VPN enabled router instead. That way, all devices connected to that router will share its VPN connection.

If you feel that VPN is worth a try, you might check ExpressVPN out. They do have VPN apps, VPN servers around the globe, and 24/7 support.


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How to watch US Netflix on Chromecast in Canada – Extra Info

By unblocking US Netflix on Chromecast, other channels will also become available.

  • Hulu Plus
  • HBO Go
  • Crackle
  • Comedy Central
  • ABC
  • NBC
  • Pandora
  • Chrunchyroll
  • MLB.TV
  • WatchESPN

That’s all the important info about watching US Netflix on Chromecast summed up for you. All there’s left to do is either pick Smart DNS or VPN to do the job for you. Please do get in touch by leaving a comment below in case you need more information about either method.

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