How to Unblock BBC iPlayer in Canada – Watch with VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

BBC iPlayer is a large platform for watching live and on-demand streaming online in the UK. BBC iPlayer is geoblocked outside of the UK. If you are living in countries such as Canada, US, Australia, France, South Africa, or New Zealand; you are pretty much out of luck, as you are not covered by BBC iPlayer. Although, there has been two new methods released to bypass the geographical restrictions on channels of BBC iPlayer if you are living in any other country outside the UK. You can use either a VPN or a Smart DNS Proxy to unblock BBC iPlayer in Canada. Both work great and will do the job for you. So if you are in Canada there should be no problem with watching channels on BBC iPlayer. Another thing about the BBC iPlayer is that it can be viewed on many devices including your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Smart TV, and  Apple TV.

How to Unblock and Watch BBC iPlayer in Canada via VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

How to Unblock and Watch BBC iPlayer in Canada via VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

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Watch BBC iPlayer in Canada using a VPN

The first and more simple way of being able to watch content on BBC iPlayer is by using a VPN, they work pretty straightforward and will not require much of your time to set them up. Virtual Private Network’s work in a very standard way by changing the IP address of your computer from a Canadian one to one from the UK, this way the site’s servers will be tricked into thinking that you are actually in the UK when you would be in Canada. VPN’s also come in handy when and if you would want to stream on other sites such as Netflix, Showtime, and HBO Go.

  • You will need to register for a reliable VPN with high uptime so you can use it without a problem.
  • Set up and install the VPN’s software on every device that you will be streaming on as a VPN can be installed to most devices including PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad.
  • A simple reason some people use a VPN is for internet security, VPN’s give you extra security and privacy along with a different IP for browsing or streaming off the net.

A quality and standard VPN is ExpressVPN, it has a high uptime and comes with a thirty day refund agreement. It does support unblocking streaming sites as well. If you don’t want to use this VPN, there are many others out there which will also allow you to access geoblocked channels in Canada.


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How to unblock BBC iPlayer in Canada using a Smart DNS Proxy

The next method of unblocking access to BBC iPlayer while residing in Canada is by using a Smart DNS Proxy. Many people use Smart DNS Proxies and some people prefer them over VPN’s for their less security risk feature. Basically a Smart DNS Proxy works in the sense that redirects traffic coming to your computer to a computer with a UK IP address so the server thinks that your computer is in the UK.

  • The issue that arises with Smart DNS to unblock BBC iPlayer is that your ISP can hijack or use transparent proxies to hijack your DNS. If your ISP uses either method, choose VPN to unblock BBC iPlayer in Canada.
  • One major advantage of using a Smart DNS Proxy is that you do not have to change your virtual location each time you want to watch on a different streaming site. You can watch on Netflix USA and BBC iPlayer UK using the same network configuration.
  • Another advantage over the VPN, is that you do not get a drop in Internet bandwidth and your speed is stable and fast.
  • Smart DNS Proxies can be used on devices including your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Smart TV, and Apple TV.

One Smart DNS Proxies you can use is Unlocator. Unlocator has a seven day trial to test out its services. It is one of the Smart DNS Proxies you can use to unblock BBC iPlayer in Canada.

How do I choose between using a VPN and a Smart DNS Proxy

To decide this, you need to take into consideration all the advantages and disadvantages that come along both of these options. Using a VPN means that you get buffed up security on the net but a slower connection; not to mention having to install a software on your device. While using a Smart DNS Proxy you get a faster connection and not having to install a software, but you need to do some handywork and be able to configure a device’s network. At the end of the day, both techniques will work, its just what your preference says for you; go with what suits your style and standards.

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