Watch ESPN in Canada How to Unblock via VPN/DNS Proxy

How to watch ESPN in Canada? For sports fans everywhere, ESPN is probably one of the most essential sports streaming channels around. The American channel offers live broadcasts of NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL. Unfortunately for Canadians, or American expats living in Canada, WatchESPN is geoblocked outside USA. In order to remove geo-restrictions imposed on all US channels abroad, you have to use either VPN or Smart DNS proxies. If you have no idea about how these methods work, read the following help guide. Learn how to watch ESPN in Canada on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV.

Watch ESPN in Canada How to Unblock via VPN/DNS Proxy

Watch ESPN in Canada How to Unblock via VPN/DNS Proxy

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How Come American Streaming Channels Are Not Available in Canada?

Well, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, WatchESPN, and any other US channel for that matter, are geo-restricted due to broadcasting rights distributions. That means you can only watch these channels online if you live in USA. Given the quality live content they broadcast, it is a great shame. Luckily, there is a way around these geoblocks. All you need is VPN or Smart DNS.

Unblock WatchESPN in Canada with VPN

With VPN, or a virtual private network, you can get the necessary American IP address that allows you to unblock any US channel you want, ESPN included. Instead of appearing online using your normal Canadian IP address, you can use VPN to obtain an American one instead. The process of setting up VPN is straight forward.

  • If you have not signed up with a VPN provider yet, jump over to ExpressVPN.
  • After you create your VPN account, download the VPN app to your Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, or Mac.
  • Launch the app, sign in with your account, and connect to one of the many American VPN servers.
  • As long as you are connected to that US VPN server, you can watch any American streaming channel you want outside USA. This includes ESPN, American Netflix, Hulu, Fox, Crackle, HBO GO, any many many more.
  • To go back to your Canadian IP address, simply disconnect from the VPN server.

ExpressVPN are probably the best in the business when it comes to bypassing geographic restrictions imposed on American channels. They have numerous US VPN servers you can connect to and also have a 30-day refund period. If you don’t feel like signing up with ExpressVPN, you could also use any of the following top VPN providers to watch ESPN in Canada.


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Watch ESPN outside USA with Smart DNS Proxies

You know how the saying goes. “Good things come in pairs.” That certainly applies to geo-restriction workarounds. Smart DNS is a VPN alternative i.e. you can also use it to unblock geoblocked content from around the world. If you use Smart DNS, you get to keep your Canadian IP address at all time. Note that note all Smart DNS proxy services support unblocking ESPN. So, choose wisely.

  • Only a small part of your Internet traffic is rechanneled when you use Smart DNS.
  • The streaming channels you can unblock with Smart DNS depend on the Smart DNS service you are using. Proper Smart DNS proxy services support unblocking over 200 channels from around the world.
  • You can configure Smart DNS on all your streaming devices. Watch ESPN on Xbox, Apple TV, Roku, Smart TV, Chromecast, PC, Mac, iOS, or Android.
  • Smart DNS also enables you to watch geoblocked US channels and local Canadian channels simultaneously. No need to reconfigure your Smart DNS setup.

Unlocator is one of the best Smart DNS proxy services around. They do support unblocking WatchESPN, Fox Sports Go,, NBC Sports, and many other sports channels. You can sign up for a free 7-day trial to test them out. If you decide to subscribe to Unlocator after that, you also have a 14-day refund period, no questions asked.

How to Unblock & Watch ESPN in Canada? VPN vs Smart DNS Proxies

With either method, VPN or Smart DNS, you only have to go through the whole setup process once. From there on, you can watch any US channel you want in Canada. Beware that subscription requirements differ from one channel to another. WatchESPN still requires you to sign in using an American cable subscription.


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